Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Once upon a time there were four wonderful, beautiful, talented, fun women in Decatur who were asked to become The Chillettes, back up singers for Mr. Big. They performed to the amazement and envy of many. They were cheered on and admired. Chillette wannabes formed. What makes these women so wonderful, you may ask. Their style, their class, their love of all things shiny and sparkly. Their love of BIG hair, flashy clothing, and their irrisistable charm. Trashy you may ask- OH NO! They are much too classy to be trashy.

Sadly. Mr. Big and the Fabulous Chillettes do not perform in public any more. They left the stage while they were at the top. The top of what? Well- the top of the world, the top of Decatur, the top of the stage. Ah yes, it is so sad. People still long for their performances, but alas, they only perform in private. They are busy traveling the world, or their part of it anyway.

Welcome to the Chillette blog where you will learn all things Chillette. Like how to wear sparkly things, lots of red, and above all, BIG hair.