Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chillette Suggestions for Beer Festival Attire

The Decatur Beer Festival is coming up this Saturday, and naturally the Chillettes have some fashion advice.First off we suggest that you wear something shiny, either necklace, earrings, or this lovely "I Heart this Bar" belt buckle. What a great conversation piece...sure to attract at least a few comments.

Then, of course, are the facial adornments: these are the perfect sunglasses for the Great Decatur Beer Tasting Festival. I actually found several versions of these, but these were the most festive! Now, for the "do it yourselfer" here are beer beads that you can make into earrings, a bracelet or necklace.
Of course, it is always a good idea to purchase a Decatur Beer Tasting Festival T-shirt once you arrive at the event, but we like this pullover for "waiting to get in" attire.

If you didn't get tickets for this festival, go ahead and get your Wine Festival tickets now before they sell out:

A Good Deed Appreciated

I went shopping at Kroger on DeKalb Industrial last Sunday night. Brought my own bags, so just carried my wallet. Unfortunately when I left the store and put my buggy in the corral outside the store, I had left my wallet in the buggy. Discovering an hour or so later that I did not have my wallet I called the store. They had it!

Went to pick it up, feeling totally lucky. Turns out one of the employees found it and turned it in. Thank you Karin. It is so nice to have good things happen and find that people are still honest and good hearted.
Hope you have something good happen to you this week!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Football Season is Among Us

Yes, Football season has returned once again. First there was pre-season and now it is the REAL season. I know may people take the game very seriously and because of that, there are many "football viewing parties" making up the social calendar. And social is what being a Chillettes is all about. I have come up with some ways to make watching football more exciting.

Since Chillettes like diamonds and sparkly accessories, this football pendant is a must. Even better if it is crafted with gen-u-ine diamonds and not rhinestones.

This could also be cute on a bracelet- or even a lot of them on one bracelet.

If glittery footballs are not your thing, get yourself some football beads and string a necklace that everyone will envy. And to be ready for any sport, any season, pick up a "Fun Pack" of sports beadz!

Then to liven up the crowd when the preferred team nears some cheering, pass out these football maracas. Get everyone going with their favorite cheer or team song.

Be sure to be sporting your football garter underneath it all. No Chillette would be without one and you shouldn't either. (Note: they also come in other sports themes, so I will have to remember this come spring).

Now go and have yourself a great football season!