Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can Hair Rollers Be the New Trend?

Ah- a photo of Tiffany Dawn was posted with her hair in rollers - beautiful as usual. Now I see that the roller trend has taken on a life of its own. Observe: both Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria have been photographed pre- hair do. Of course these two women, like TD, look beautiful at any stage of the game.

But not this "beauty".

Before you know it, women everywhere will be seen in rollers. Personally, I didn't even know that women used these ancient torture devices any more. I recall in high school, we didn't have any choice, and actually went shopping with these in our hair. The invention of the electric rollers, and then the most amazing steam rollers enabled us to set our hair in a few minutes and forego actually sleeping on rollers. No wonder so many women turned to valium - it was the only way they could actually rest.

But now I see that the trend has returned, although I can't understand it myself. Is this a movement back to the 70's along with those dreaded bell bottoms and tie dye? Oh yes- tie dye has come back as well as madras shorts. I actually have one of my tie dye shirts from the 70s, but as you would expect, it is studded with rhinestones.

So ladies,next time you are called to make an announcement on stage, feel free to wear your rollers. But like this star, I would suggest wearing your darkest glasses so as not to be recognized. What was she thinking?