Friday, February 22, 2008

A Trip to Gainesville

In February The Fabulous Chillettes traveled all the way to downtown Gainesville for an outing with Sister Tiffany Dawn. The visit began almost immediately with wine, cheese, tomotoes, fresh fruit- did I mention wine? We watched Violette frost the fantastic cake she baked, then were visited by Tiffany Dawn's momma. She was so happy to meet all The Chillettes and brought a photo of her family to share. She pointed out one woman who she said was a "Stepmother" and didn't she look like one. She is so cute! Momma TD went on to explain that said stepmother had to roll her own- she evidently had a sleeping sickness and had to smoke to keep awake. I like that excuse- I will have to use it the next time someone gives me a hard time about having a smoke.

We then went to Luna's- a very nice little bar in downtown Gainesville. We had a photo op with the owner- of course he was thrilled - and settled in next to the fire. There was a piano player that really set the ambiance. Of course, The Chillettes LOVE ambiance. We then proceeded to discuss the predeliction for BIG hair in Gville. And not only on the women, mind you. The men seemed to be very proud of their hair as well. Even the ones with obvious hairpieces.

We ended the first evening watching an Italian movie about a woman who left her husband for a vacation and decided life was better that way. The Chillettes do love a foreign movie- especially with women who are strong and like to have fun!

On Saturday, a party was thrown in our honor- so we dazzled them with minks, sequins, rhinestones, boas and tiaras. Of course, we had to make a quick trip to Party City for supplies. Bambi Jo felt like a new boa would enhance her already beautiful profile, and some of us longed for a light up tiara. Alas, the light up tiara did not match the boa, so it was bought and saved for another occasion.

A Chillette Rule: You should always have extra tiaras on hand for any occasion.

We also sported the rhinestone pins given to us by Violette during the holidays. Tiffany Dawn's stated FABULOUS and Moanique's shone HOT. They were quite a hit at the party.

Did I mention that the party was all women? With the exception of Reeves- he was our personal servant for the evening. He really worked hard keeping everyone's wine glasses filled. We felt very special to have a party given in our honor. Mardi Gras beads enhanced our already fabulous sparkly, furry, feathery attire, and a good time was had by all.

All of The Chillettes look forward to our next outing in March-to celebrate the birthday of our Fabulous Tiffany Dawn.