Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chillette Suggestions for Beer Festival Attire

The Decatur Beer Festival is coming up this Saturday, and naturally the Chillettes have some fashion advice.First off we suggest that you wear something shiny, either necklace, earrings, or this lovely "I Heart this Bar" belt buckle. What a great conversation piece...sure to attract at least a few comments.

Then, of course, are the facial adornments: these are the perfect sunglasses for the Great Decatur Beer Tasting Festival. I actually found several versions of these, but these were the most festive! Now, for the "do it yourselfer" here are beer beads that you can make into earrings, a bracelet or necklace.
Of course, it is always a good idea to purchase a Decatur Beer Tasting Festival T-shirt once you arrive at the event, but we like this pullover for "waiting to get in" attire.

If you didn't get tickets for this festival, go ahead and get your Wine Festival tickets now before they sell out: