Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Chillettes Is Smart!" says an awed fan

From the fashion wire services
Dateline Scottdale, Georgia, May 21, 2008

It is often lost -- in the worldwide chatter about the beauty, fashion sense, and sparkling personalities of the Chillettes -- that they are, in fact, among the most brilliant of women as well. All have graduated from prestigious universities and have pursued lofty careers in addition to their singing/performing careers. As one impressed fan put it, “Chillettes is smart!”

Today more evidence of the ingrained Chillette genius comes to us with news that Bambi Jo Chillette has been named “Outstanding Student” in her basic statistics class (Math 1431) at Georgia Perimeter College’s Clarkston campus. Bambi Jo was stunned when she received notification of her award, saying “I love statistics, and my instructor Mrs. Davis, and my fellow students so much, and I had no idea that I was the outstanding student among so many bright classmates! I want to thank my husband Kirk, my daughter Laura and son-in-law Douglas, my sister Chillettes Tiffany Dawn, Moanique, and Violette . . .” The rest of her statement was lost when this reporter had to leave the scene. We are fortunate, however, to have two pictures from the great day of the Award Ceremony and a statement from Tiffany Dawn Chillette.

Tiffany Dawn was the only one of her Chillettes sisters who could attend the Awards Ceremony, but Bambi Jo was overcome with gratitude to have her beautiful Tiff D with her. Tiff D remarked on the fabulous diversity of the presenters and the award recipients, and exclaimed that it was possibly the most well-produced awards ceremony she had ever attended. "The speeches were short and sweet, the outstanding students were obviously very smart, and the ceremony was over in less than an hour. I wish more awards ceremonies could be that well done and brief, given how many I have to go to every week."

Bambi Jo

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