Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rodney the Watch Cat

Rodney is my cat who likes an adventure as much as, if not more than, The Chillettes. My Neighbors, who moved and I miss them very much, took this photo while we were out. I thought he was being a good boy and guarding the house, but they said he was staking out the squirrels. To my knowledge he has not caught one yet.

He has brought home several chipmonks which my son Andrew has had to catch or chase out of the house.

We do beleive Rodney is a bit touched, as he jumps up inside walls trying to catch things we cannot see. But hey, he does guard the house and he is able to get down from the roof by himself!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and staying cool.


AsianCajuns said...

What a great picture! I bet Rodney can see all the happenings from up there!

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Rodney has a birds eye view.
I like your blog, I read it often.
I also have a Decatur Blog called
Next Stop...Decatur.
here is the link.

Moanique said...

Thanks Whitefield- I will add your link.