Monday, July 7, 2008

A Trip to Gainesville

Ah yes- a trip to the BIG city of Gainesville, where our precious Tiffany Dawn lives. Nothing like a girl's weekend to wake up the inner self and remind us of who our true friends are. Even though we are separated by miles, our hearts are never far apart.

Now- for dish on the trip! We traveled to the BIG city and had BIG plans. First, food and wine; then a concert. Here is Bambi Jo talking musical talent to a soon to be dance partner. And what a great dancer he was!

Tiffany Dawn spent some time networking at the concert, as Chillettes are apt to do. Isn't she pretty?

Violette was longingly awaiting the performance of The Jesters, while Bambi Jo tunes up in the background. Unfortunately, Moanique was so busy taking photos, there are no tell-tale ones of her to be shown. (Or were there, and she just didn't like them? No one knows for sure except this writer!)

Unfortunately, the concert was held outside, and for the first time in over a month, it rained cats and dogs. But not to be discouraged, we danced the night away indoors.

Saturday, we visited Cottage Garden Antiques- not sure if it should be called a store or not - maybe a cross between an upscale junkyard and unbelievably creative yard art.

The owner had a great knack for taking seemingly unwanted items and putting them together to make seriously creative art.

Saturday evening brought us to Lake Lanier for dinner on Tiffany D's friend Bill's houseboat. Bill was the perfect host and acted as though he had celebreties on his boat. Oh wait-he did! Did I mention that he brought us all a dozen roses on Friday night? He won my heart right then and there. And that was before he told us how pretty and lovely we all were! Oh why doesn't he have a brother??

This Chillette finally got a break from her photographic duties and had an adult beverage on the boat. She also learned how to make mojitos (Captain Bill was busy captaining, so someone had to learn how, and quickly, I might add).

Captain Bill and TD on our way to an island for dinner.

Moanique, Tiffany Dawn and Captain Bill enjoy the breeze.

And last but not least, a precursor to the 4th of July: The Stars and Stripes

Stay tuned for 4th of July in Decatur report.....coming soon.


~Brumby~ said...

I noticed your snippet about Cottage Garden Antiques on your Blog. Your photos of the "art" there reminded me of an experience I must share with you! I am glad to see that you made it out with a photo of the "art" with limbs still in tact! I myself, stopped by there one day, unsure of what the place was all about and curious. I found it very interesting and began to snap photos with my camera phone. At around my fourth little snap the owner, whom I believe is Jayne Taylor, proceeded to walk up to me and place her hand on my arm and tell me how tacky and rude I was for snapping said photographs of her "art". Needless to say, I left but I am a lady so I didn't snap back at her rather nasty behaviour. However, there were two other patrons at her establishment that day that witnessed her nasty behaviour and they left right after me. So, when I saw your photographs I chuckled to myself and wondered if you had encountered the same, I am glad to know that you did not! Cheers!

Anonymous said...