Monday, July 28, 2008

New York

I recently went to New York City with my two teenage boys. I was quite surprised that they wanted to take a trip with me at all, but I suppose the lure of the BIG city got them enthused. It was their first time there, and we played tourists from day one until we left.

Matthew's request was to visit Times Square and 42nd Street. Here he is feeling the power of the city....

....and this blogger trying to get in on the action!

My two boys, Andrew and Matthew, who will be quite appalled that I have put their photo on my blog!

I could not resist the lure of the Statue of Libery's Crown (tiara?). I definately think they should consider making a version in green sequins!

Matthew and our our new friend, Sito, from Japan. We met him while standing in line for tickets to "The Statue" and had fun getting to know him while visiting Liberty Island. He was on a three month tour of the US on his own. Quite an interesting man.... retired and now owns a restaurant in Japan. We lost him on our way to Ellis Island - he found another family to hang out with.