Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Birthday Amid Tornados

Tiffany Dawn successfully celebrated her birthday despite the tornados that came through the area. TD and the Fabulous Chillettes began with a brunch at Violette's house, then out for a mega shopping afternoon. Junkman's Daughter was our first visit, then off to Howell Mill for some serious shoe shopping. Found a couple of shoe stores and found many bargains. While in the first store, we hear on the radio that a tornado is heading our way. Bambi Jjoe takes charge and locates the bathroom that we are going to hide in...Violette stand under a doorway for safety....Tiffany Dawn and I continue trying on the cutest shoes we can find. Needless to say, the threat passed and we were not harmed. Shopping continued, then more wine and dinner. Then off to Paris to dance (no, not the real Paris- the club in Decatur). We ruled the dance floor- especially since we were the only ones on it.

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