Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tiffany Dawn is having a birthday!

The Chillettes enjoy celebrating, and what better time than a birthday? Well, Tiffany Dawn is having one (we are not sure which one) and we plan to spend a good part of the weekend celebrating her birth- for what would the Chillettes be without TD? Which reminds me- she did try to quit once. Yes- sad but true. When Tiffany Dawn moved to Gainesville, she decided she would have to quit the Chillettes. This was a big decision, since we were still performing at the Big Chill then. She came to us with a large shoe box filled with her momentos. Included were a tiara, her lovely "fuzzy" red animal prit scarf, her banner (from the 4th of July parade) and other Chillette-like items. Well, we flat out refused to have her quit! But somehow, I still have that box in my closet. It has been added to over the years, and now inlcudes quite a variety of tiaras, including that new one from Party City that lights up! I am looking forward to wearing it to osome very special occasion.

So, back to TDs birthday. Starting with happy hour on Friday, but only two Chillettes can make that. I am hoping they take some photos. Then all day Saturday- shopping, wine, more shopping, dinner, more wine, I hope some dancing and singing. I think it would be fun to go sing some karaoke. After all, folks outside of Decatur haven't heard us yet- why deprive them?

Now- what to get TD for her present, even though The Chillettes are presence enough!
It should sparkle or have feathers, or else just be terribly creative. Might have to make a trip to The Junkman's Daughter. Went there last week with Chappy, and bought some fun things. Got some tattoos, just in case I feel like looking old and hip.

Here is where I need you help. Where should we take Tiffany Dawn for her birthday to dance and sing? I would love your suggetions and hope to get some good ones.

Hope to have some fun photos to post after we celebrate.

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Mary said...

Karaoke! Absolutely!

You know you'll find some of your best numbers on the playlist. The Chillettes will blow the house down!

Please tell Tiffany Dawn "Happy Birthday" from me and have a great time.