Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rhinestone Decor

What did we do before "google"? Why, there is such a wealth of information out there- and my favorite search involves the word rhinestone. Tonight I was inspired by some photos of decorating with rhinestones. I had seen something very similar this afternoon in a magazine, so sure this must be the start of a new trend. AND the Chillettes must take credit for the proliferation of this sparkly wonder.

The teacups filled with rhinestones as a centerpiece solves that age old problem of what to do with all those glimmering treasures when you are not wearing them. Now you know! Use them throughout your home and add a sparkle to your decor. The arrangement above would look especially nice in a guest bathroom or on a dressing table. A clever way to store your jewels, yes?

Using your jewels to fill a goblet or large serving bowl is another option. Mingling them with other sparkling jewels is acceptable if you do not have an adequate supply of rhinestones. (If this is the case, I advise you to get out this weekend and search for those perfect pieces to accent your wardrobe...and to add decor...)

Imagine what an eye catcher this would be as the centerpiece for your next dinner party. Place silky napkins with elastic rhinestone bracelets as napkin rings and your table will be complete.

Well- not completely complete- the addition of candles would make it complete. Rhinestone "studded" candles would be ideal.
Here are a couple that I found....


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